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Located on SR 87 north of Mesa Az

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Superstition Mountains

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Future Olympic star

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Fashion Model Head shot

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Trump Tower during the Chicago Black Hawks celebration 2009

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A harvest moon rises over the Superstition Mountains and the village of Apache Junction

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Keep Precious Memories With You in a Photograph

DK Digital Photography provides exceptional documentary photography services for various clients around the world. Since 1968, we have been capturing precious moments and sharing remarkable stories through timeless photographs.

David Axelrod & Friends RNC 2016
This Palm tree stands along a dirt road just across the Mexican Border in Nogales Az

About Our Photography

Photography is more than just pushing a button or having the best equipment money can buy. It's about having a vision that your brain composes and your eye sees that's transmitted through the camera you use. Those images, color or black and white, hold more information than the mind can comprehend. They have information about the people or the places, whether it was hot or cold, a celebration or a tragedy, a war or a moment of solitude, the birth of a baby, or the passing of an elder.

Regardless of the situation, they are all moments of beauty that can be transformed into art. If no one documents these events, then no one will ever know you were there. Every picture indeed tells a story.

Photography as Communication

We are surrounded by natural beauty and interesting people. Our cameras serve to document the world and print the images with a focus on the magic in our daily lives.

Sharing Stories

Through our prints and photo books, we invite you to bring bits of stories into your life and home with a portrait. New prints are released regularly, so check back often.

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